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Treat Yourself to Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are the perfect way to unwind when you need to relax and don’t want to sacrifice the chance of big winnings. Here at Plaza Royal, you will find an extensive collection of scratch cards with an enjoyable range of themes. If you are looking to relax, then try our scratch cards today and you may uncover some huge wins.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do online scratch cards work?

Simply. You just open your chosen game and then set how much you wish to purchase the card for; usually there is a wide range so that players can find something suitable for their budget. After purchasing the card, simply click on the panels to reveal the hidden symbols. With a bit of luck you will find winning symbols and then win a large multiple of the purchase price.

Do online scratch cards offer jackpot prizes?

Of course they do, but not quite in the same way as physical scratch cards. When you buy a physical scratch card, it may say something like “Win up to €1.5 Million!” Online scratch cards display the prizes as multiples of the cost of the card; therefore, a card might say, “Win up to 50,000x”. This means that if you bet €1 on the card then you could win €50,000, if you have bet €2 then you could win €100,000, and so on.

Are there any special features in online scratch cards?

You can find a huge range of features in online scratch cards. For instance, many games offer auto play, so you simply set how many cards you want to play and can then sit back and watch the action. Furthermore, some games may give you the chance to play multiple cards simultaneously. Another very common feature is a ‘Reveal All’ button so that you do not have to click on each panel individually to reveal the hidden symbols.