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Welcome to the Plaza Royal news portal. If you are interested in casino gaming or just gambling in general, then you have arrived at the right place. We have a huge range of articles covering all kinds of gambling related topics for your enjoyment and education.

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Each month we publish articles that will help you find your way around not only our casino, but also land casinos across the world. No matter what type of casino game you enjoy, be it slots, roulette, blackjack or anything else, you will find articles that explain the rules and give you strategy tips to ensure that you have the best possible chance of winning.

Here at Plaza Royal, we love all things casino related and we are enthusiastic about sharing our passions with you. That is why we regularly publish articles about some of the most amazing land casinos in the world, about innovations in the casino industry, exciting developments and so on. Even if it is just of passing interest to you, we are confident that you will enjoy the time spent reading our articles.

Our news portal also contains a number of guides. If you are not quite sure about some aspect of casino play, whether it is how you should behave in a land casino or the difference between live dealer and RNG games, we have it covered. In short, we aim to provide all the information anyone could need to feel comfortable in any gambling environment.

We publish new articles on a very regular basis and you will quickly realise that they cover a massive range of topics. Be sure to visit often to read our latest posts and catch up on all the latest news, learn about new games, strategies, and much much more. We promise that they won’t disappoint.