Plaza Roya’s Top Choice Halloween Slots for 2023 – Part 1

As October approaches, the allure of Halloween begins to cast its spell over gaming enthusiasts. The season offers more than just trick-or-treating; it’s an ideal time to explore the thrilling world of Halloween-themed slots. In this article, we’ll explore four thrilling slots available to play at Plaza Royal that bring the spirit of this haunting holiday to your screens. From mystical towers to enchanted spells, each game offers a unique blend of Halloween elements and winning opportunities. 

Cast a Spell with Alkemor’s Tower Slot

Betsoft’s Alkemor’s Tower offers a captivating blend of magic and Halloween themes, drawing players into its spellbinding world. However, what truly sets this game apart are its intricate bonus features, which offer multiple ways to boost your winnings.

One standout feature is the Elemental Spell bonus, activated by landing spell book symbols on reels one and two along with an elemental symbol on the third reel. The spell becomes stronger if additional spell books appear on the fourth and fifth reels. Each spell brings unique effects:

  • Water Spell: Transforms spell book and elemental symbols into wilds, except for books on the first reel, which turn into random symbols.
  • Earth Spell: Turns spell book and elemental symbols on reels two to four into wilds while other symbols are replaced by new ones falling from above.
  • Air Spell: Converts spell book and elemental symbols on reels two to four into wilds, and rearranges the remaining symbols into new positions.
  • Fire Spell: Changes spell book and elemental symbols on reels two to four into wilds, and then adds additional wilds equal to the number of spell books.

Beyond Elemental Spells, the game also offers free spins. These are triggered by landing spell book symbols on the first and second reels along with either the book-vine or bound book symbols on the third reel. The free spins take place on a different set of reels with special symbols. Depending on the triggering symbol, you get either the Nature Floor or the Celestial Floor, each with its unique attributes, like the vine or black hole symbols that consume neighbouring symbols for cash prizes.

After a win, you have the opportunity to double your payout through the ‘Double Up’ feature, which involves a simple head/tails game. This adds an extra layer of excitement, albeit with a risk, as an incorrect guess loses all your winnings.

As for the top payout, Alkemor’s Tower offers a jackpot of 1,000 coins when five Alkemor symbols align. Other symbols can yield substantial wins as well, ranging from 750 coins down to 125 coins, depending on the combination.

With its rich array of bonus features and substantial top payout, Alkemor’s Tower stands as a compelling option for players looking to infuse their Halloween gaming with a touch of magic.

Enter the Magical World of Enchanting Spells Slot

Developed by 2By2 Gaming, Enchanting Spells plunges players into a magical realm, complete with a rich atmosphere set against a wooden table illuminated by candlelight. This 8-reel slot has an unconventional layout, with the middle three reels divided into two sections, and offers 60 fixed paylines. With a betting range from £0.40 to £80 per spin, the game caters to a wide spectrum of players. You can also set up to 100 spins in motion with its autoplay feature.

The game provides a variety of symbols. The high-value symbols include a smiling girl, a book, a staff, a potion, a magic mirror, and a purple wizard’s hat. Meanwhile, the lower-value symbols are the familiar royals—10, J, Q, K, and A. The wizard serves as the wild symbol and appears on reels one and eight, substituting for all other symbols except the scatter, which is represented by a crystal ball.

The bonus features are where Enchanting Spells truly shines. The Wizard Feature is activated when the wizard wild symbol lands fully stacked on both the first and eighth reels. This transforms all book symbols into wilds, followed by a re-evaluation of the reels for additional payouts. The game also offers a generous free spins feature, triggered by landing three to eight crystal ball scatter symbols. Players can win up to 30 free spins and choose an extra bonus feature, such as a Random Multiplier, a Guaranteed Wizard, or the appearance of the Wizard On All Reels—each with its own set of advantages and gameplay twists.

In terms of payout, the top prize is a whopping 750x your stake for landing five wild symbols on a payline. Other high-value symbols offer significant returns, ranging from 500x to 80x your stake, depending on the combination.

With its captivating theme, intricate bonus features, and lucrative payout possibilities, Enchanting Spells is a compelling choice for those seeking a magical slot experience this Halloween season.

Study the Magic of Witchcraft Academy Slot

NetEnt’s Witchcraft Academy invites players into a magical school, teeming with ancient scrolls, enigmatic potions, and students engrossed in the art of spellcasting. The game’s visuals are a spectacle in themselves, showcasing detailed symbols set against an enchanting background, all accompanied by a fittingly magical soundtrack.

Witchcraft Academy distinguishes itself with its ‘Elements Bonus’ feature. Triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols, this interactive feature allows players to select from a range of objects, each hiding different rewards. Whether it’s free spins, multipliers, or extra wilds, the Elements Bonus presents a golden opportunity to augment your winnings. The game doesn’t stop there. During the free spins round, an Armour Guard feature comes into play, activating additional bonuses and transforming symbols into wilds, thereby adding a dash of thrill to each spin.

The slot accommodates a broad spectrum of players with its flexible betting range, starting as low as £0.20 and going up to £200 per spin. The game is not only visually compelling but also potentially lucrative, offering 20 fixed paylines and high-value symbols like a dragon and an owl, which can yield payouts of up to 400x and 200x your stake, respectively.

Overall, Witchcraft Academy provides an engaging gaming experience, combining immersive visuals, intricate bonus features, and generous payouts. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to add a magical touch to their Halloween gaming session.

Revel in the Mysticism of Pentagram Slot

From the portfolio of Realistic Games, Pentagram takes a mystical approach to slot gaming, offering players the chance to cast spells over its 3-reel, 3-row, and 5-payline setup. Set against a stone wall flanked by ornate pillars, this slot may have a simple design, but it packs a punch with its free spins bonus round and the potential for significant payouts.

The game accommodates a variety of betting preferences, allowing you to wager from as low as £0.05 up to £50 per spin. If you prefer a hands-off approach, the auto-play feature lets you set up to 100 spins with win and loss limits. The slot embraces traditional symbols like 7s, watermelons, bells, grapes, oranges, lemons, and cherries. Though devoid of wilds or scatters, the game spices things up with parts of the word ‘Pentagram’ and the pentagram symbol appearing on some symbols, crucial to activating the bonus feature.

The bonus round is unique and straightforward. To activate it, you need to spell the word ‘Pentagram’ across the reels on a winning payline. This grants you ten free spins, with the chance to double your payout if the pentagram symbol lands as part of a winning combination. The bonus round offers winnings of up to 250 times your bet, making it a thrilling feature to look out for.

When it comes to payouts, Pentagram doesn’t disappoint. Landing three 7s on a payline grants a top payout of 1250x your stake. Other symbols offer substantial returns, ranging from 250x to 10x your stake, depending on the combination. Moreover, these payouts have the potential to be doubled during the free spins round.

All in all, Pentagram offers a bewitching gameplay experience, combining a classic slot feel with a dash of mysticism. Its bonus features and rewarding payouts make it a fitting choice for those looking to add a magical element to their Halloween festivities.

Experience the Magic at Plaza Royal

Above is just a small selection of the many Halloween-themed slots available at Plaza Royal, each offering its own blend of magical features and enticing rewards. As the season of spooks and spells approaches, why not try your hand at these enchanting games? While there can never be any guarantees with online slots, each of these offers the chance of significant winnings and there is no reason why Halloween shouldn’t bring you good luck.

If you enjoyed learning about these spooky slots, then be sure to check the Plaza Royal News, as we will soon be publishing part two of this guide to our favourite Halloween-themed games.


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