A Guide to World’s Best Casino Restaurants

Besides ritzy shows and big jackpots, people visit casinos to dine in high-end restaurants. The cuisine and décor in these world-class casino restaurants will leave you satisfied and impressed.

Gone are the days where you had to brave a suspicious buffet in casinos. Today, top-class casinos in the world attract top culinary talent to their new generation casino restaurants. As a result, you can enjoy superb entertainment, amazing food, and refreshment under one roof.

The best part is it’s not all about the bar food or buffets. Some casino restaurants serve as their own attractions. High-rollers can enjoy unique cuisine conjured by the world’s most respected chefs and creative cocktails. Let’s not forget the immersive dining experience.

That said, here we’ve listed the ten winners in the category of top casino restaurants around the world. Check them out!

Robuchon au Dome, Macau

Macau is the world’s largest gambling market today. Every year, thousands of gamblers and tourists flock to the city to enjoy immersive gaming experiences at top casinos.

It’s home to famous casino restaurants in the world. One such casino restaurant is Robuchon au Dome, an in-house restaurant at the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. The restaurant offers top gastronomic experience and haute cuisine in Asia.

Robuchon au Dome holds three Michelin stars, and its cuisine was under the command of chef Joel Robuchon (RIP). Although long gone from this world, the French chef’s legacy still lives on.

At this exceptional eatery, you will enjoy a comprehensive wine list—also, a breathtaking view of Macau from the Grand Lisboa's majestic heights.

Le Train Bleu, Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo in Monaco hosts Europe’s most prestigious casino restaurants. The Le Train Bleu is one of these restaurants. It’s found at Casino de Monte-Carlo, one of Monte-Carlo’s popular 19th-century gambling venues.

Le Train Bleu or The Blue Train is a fine Italian restaurant, rocking French flair. It’s designed with a Belle Epoque décor that matches the iconic gold and marble of the casino that you will recognize from James Bond movies. So, if you’re planning to visit this restaurant, you better dress up.

The menu translated into Italian, French, and English will delight the most discerning of tastes. Furthermore, they serve each meal with passion.

The blue train is a place for players to take a quiet break from the casino noise. But it’s also perfect for individuals looking for delicious meals and elegant dining experiences.

Bobby Flay Steak, Atlantic City

Our list will not be complete without mentioning the top casino restaurant in Atlanta city. Bobby Flay Steak is the heart of The Borgata Hotel and combines the traditions of a classic steakhouse with a modern twist.

Designed by David Rockwell, Bobby Flay Steak creates an exotic experience through wine displays and dramatic wood ceiling panels that complement the exciting casino backdrop.

At the steakhouse, you can enjoy their signature steak, the "Philadelphia-style Strip Steak," and wash it down with wine from the menu or a cocktail.

But that’s not all! Guest can also enjoy tuna, burrata, and lobster cake from the lobster bar. Don’t forget to double down on the creamy green Chile rice. Also, expect Flay’s signature bells and whistles in your meals.

Wing Lei, Macau

Do you want to taste Cantonese food? Pay a visit to Wing Lei in Wynn Palace, Macau.

With eight consecutive Michelin stars under its belt, the Wing Lei restaurant is the best Chinese dining stop. Cuisine by Chef Chan Tak Kwong, including the crispy chicken flavored with smoked tea, will leave you begging for more.

Owned by Wing Lei, the restaurant dining experience hits all points. Diners have to pass through a flower garden before reaching the royal gold, white and green-decorated venue. At the restaurant, they will have a magnificent view of Wynn Palace’s Performance Lake.

You will feast on dishes like bean curd, Peaking duck, and lychee-infused goose with special fried rice. All the dishes stay true to the vibrant Chinese cuisine flavors.

Waku Gin, Singapore

Waku Gin restaurants in Marina Bay Sands Casino are one of the most expensive casinos in Singapore. It's valued at $4.7 billion. Such high investment calls for the very best services. That's why Tetsuya, a world-class Japanese Chef, heads the eatery.

The two Michelin-star restaurants offer only 25 seats, so it can provide a truly exclusive dining escapade. An individual chef presides in each private dining room for a more personalized experience.

Waku Gin European/ Japanese fusion menu features new meals made from fresh ingredients sourced from Japan and all over the globe. When infused with Japanese culinary craftsmanship, you get signatures meals like Australian Wagyu with Wasabi and Citrus Soy.

Designer Yohei Akao adopted a minimalist design for the restaurant. The design fuses natural material with complex details to pay respect to nature and heritage.

Top of the World, Las Vegas

If there’s one casino restaurant that stands out in Las Vegas is the Top of the World Casino. Located at The Strat Hotel & Casino, it sits 84 ft about Vega’s Valley floor, providing diners a splendid view of the city.

Every 80 minutes, this famous eatery revolves 360 degrees. It serves award-winning seafood and steaks complimented by fresh, seasonal ingredients. Also, it has an excellent wine collection.

The Top of the World Casino is truly unrivaled in delivering a classic Las Vegas experience.

Restaurant Guy Savoy, Las Vegas

Restaurant Guy Savoy is a French restaurant hailed by both critics and reviewers. Located at Caesar Casino, the eatery serves the best cuisine in an elegant dining environment. It even has its own valet entrance, so diners don’t have to worry that their meals will pass through a casino floor.

It features a minimalistic modern design that places attention where it belongs- on the meal. Chef Guy Savoy head this two Michelin starred restaurant. Each Guy Savoy meal gets subjected to a thorough inspection of smell, taste, touch, and the eye. 

At the eatery, you can order soup with artichokes and black truffles soup, oysters, and lobster burgers. They also have an impressive collection of aged French wines.

Buddha-Bar, Monte-Carlo

Walking into the Buddha Bar in Monaco is embarking on a trip to Asia. Influenced by Thai and Japanese culture, design, and cuisine, Buddha-Bar is the heart of the prestigious Monte-Carlo Casino.

This establishment features a décor inspired by the Garnier Opera house in Paris mixed with ancient sculpture, gilded moldings, and a colonial Asian vibe. Besides that, the restaurant has a huge Buddha statue in a meditation pose, a 7-meter-high ceiling, and stucco. Two-open terraces complete the converted hall design.

It offers diners a fairytale-like ambiance and a cozy atmosphere. Not to mention mouthwatering exotic dishes, such as sushi, maki, and other Asia dishes. 

Chef Eric Guillemaud, the head of Buddha-Bar, and his companions invent and fuse Asian ingredients with French products for culinary excellence.

The Ritz Restaurant, London

Now let’s head to London. The Ritz Restaurant allows players and visitors to enjoy premium cuisine in a breathtaking environment.

Located in London, this Michelin-starred establishment will teleport you to a bygone era. Also, it will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Sparkling chandelier, marble column, and amazing park views make Ritz Restaurant one of the most elegant places to dine around the globe.

At the restaurant, you’ll dig into classic dessert, local fish, lobster, crab, and have access to a wide variety of Vegetarian food.

Heliot Steak House, London

Last but not least, we have the Heliot Steak House. Located at the Hippodrome Casino in London, this establishment is a three-time award winner of the Best Casino Restaurant in Britain.

Heliot Steak House offers the best view in London and overlooks the main casino’s three gaming floors. You can relax and enjoy a meal while monitoring the action. Or you can also get a drink from one of the restaurant’s six bars. Besides that, it presents guests with a wealth of entertainment, 24 hours.

In terms of meals, you can satisfy your taste buds with posh mac ‘n’ cheese, grilled octopus, almond millefeuille, and a variety of desserts.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these ten casino restaurants will offer you an unforgettable dining experience. Their unique design, décor, flavors, and aesthetics will leave you mesmerized. So, if you have time to visit them, do it.

On that note, thank you for stopping by!

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