How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions in Vegas

What if you have planned a trip to Las Vegas early in the New Year? How on earth will you be able to keep any resolution in tact when you arrive in Sin City? Here we will take a look into the ways you can keep your promises whilst maximising the vacation.

The Promise: Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet 

It’s not an easy one to tackle when the bright lights of the restaurants are screaming at you, come and eat my oversized dripping burgers! Award winning chefs and their restaurants are littered from resort to resort and free beer is being served whilst on the slots.

To take action you can plan ahead of your trip. Research the menu at the resort or hotel you will stay for suitable meal options throughout the day. Most restaurants will make your order to meet your dietary requirements. You can also look a little further afield than the main Strip for some alternative offerings such as Greens & Proteins or perhaps Vegenation, location in Downtown Las Vegas.

The Promise: Learn a New Skill

A difficult promise to entertain when taking a vacation but you may want to consider choosing a skill that marries with the environment you are staying in. There are 39 golf courses in Las Vegas, some of which may offer golf lessons to get you started learning the basics. Gaming lessons could be a great option to hone your skills at the roulette or poker table. With such an array of fine dining, cooking classes might be able to support the aforementioned resolution. Learn to shoot a weapon correctly at the gun range or go to the giant playground and operate a bulldozer at Dig This.

The Promise: Travel More

Although you have most likely collected some air mileage and you are abiding by your promise, don’t just stick to the Strip, as there are plenty of exciting options for day excursions to explore the surrounds and take a breather. Take a short journey to see the famous older Downtown Las Vegas and see the alternative to the glitz and glamour of the Strip.

Other possible day excursions include visits to the Red Rock Canyon or the Grand Canyon. Red Rock is a national conservation area where all types of complimentary activities are possible, including camping, biking, hiking, horseback riding or even a helicopter tour to see the beautiful red sandstone landscape.

Take a guided tour of the famous Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and learn about its construction and important function within the region.

Visit the Valley of Fire in the Mojave Desert about one hour north east of Las Vegas. Feel the heat, absorb the incredible views and take it to the next level with an off road jeep or sun buggy excursion.

Moving away from the arid desert, you can take a welcome break from the razzmatazz of Vegas by spending a day or two at Mt Charleston, part of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. Here you can relax, take a hike and enjoy the alternative landscape, all within 30 miles from Las Vegas.

The Promise: Quit Smoking

Oh, the craving if you are having a drink or after you have eaten a meal may be shunned by a specialist. Hypnotists are popular in Las Vegas and crowds gather at various resorts and theatres to be entertained by the profession. Rather than watch a hypnotist, book an appointment to consulted with one and see if they can stop that nagging craving.

The Promise: Read More

Another challenging resolution to maintain when you are visiting Las Vegas! Yet there are simple solutions to help stick with your promise. Book a hotel with a spacious outdoor pool. You are likely to feel the need to relax at some point during your visit. As an alternative to the pool find a resort with a spa. There are many super spas of 20,000 sq ft and above where there is ample room to read a book in the spa pools or, find a meditation room or relaxation room where seating is provided to allow you to keep on turning those pages. 

The Promise: Exercise More

The Las Vegas Strip is 4.2 miles (6.8km) in length. To be able to see the sites you will need some comfortable shoes as you will find yourself doing a lot of walking to get around, rather than jumping in a taxi. Back in your resort, before or after reading your book you can swim a few laps of the pool, or visit the Sap that will most likely feature a well-equipped gym.

The Promise: Be More Adventurous

Some of the possibilities have been mentioned under the promise of travel. However, there are loads of exciting activities on offer in Las Vegas. You could take a ride on the 550 ft tall High Roller, to take in the sights of Las Vegas from way up above.

Out of the City you could be daring and take the zip line through Bootleg Canyon. Reach speeds of up to 60 mph on a half mile long wire.

If you are feeling really adventurous then go skydiving; 20 minutes of training is all it takes to jump from a plane with a certified tandem master over the Nevada Desert. Alternatively, you can try indoor skydiving if you want to have a little practice beforehand.

The Promise: Laugh More

There are plenty of offerings on the stage to help make you laugh. Comedians, magicians, hypnotists can all raise the spirits with their shows and acts will change from season to season. Currently performing in Las Vegas are favourites, Joe Rogan, Terry Fator and Penn & Teller.


So, there you have it! Going to Las Vegas and keeping your Resolution is easily done…..right?

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