The 10 Worst Hotels in Las Vegas

Some of the best hotels and resorts in the world are situated in Las Vegas, offering high quality luxury accommodation. Competition is fierce to be the best in the business commanding high occupancy levels and award-winning services. However, what about those hotels that do not live up to Vegas expectations? Here we look at some of the worst hotels and resorts on or near The Strip, so that you know exactly where to avoid.

Excalibur Hotel & Casino:

Whilst the location is reasonable with good access to the main strip, the Excalibur Hotel & Casino has a lot to live up to. Constructed in 1990 with over 4,000 rooms and currently owned by MGM Resorts International, it does not embrace great architecture. The design may appeal more to children rather than being taken seriously by an adult with its castle like towers providing a medieval theme. It has a rating of 3.5 on TripAdvisor and negative comments point towards issues with cleanliness of rooms, poor sleep conditions, loud air conditioning and noise transfer from adjacent rooms. This said, 1,995 rooms of the Royal Tower were renovated in 2016 so conditions may be better there compared to the Resort Tower, which has not been recently renovated.

OYO Hotel and Casino Las Vegas (Formerly Hooters):

OYO, an Indian owned budget hotel chain rapidly expanding in the United States, purchased and took over the former Hooters hotel and casino in 2019. Hooters held a poor reputation before the purchase by OYO yet the bar and a shop remain functioning. Although some renovation of rooms may have occurred, a complete rebrand from the old Hooters theme may be necessary. While there are good reviews relating to staff service, problems associated with cleanliness, plumbing and maintenance of the rooms and a musty casino continue to hinder. It is a work in progress and a place that can only improve with new investment from the new owners.


A hotel that is in need of plenty of tender loving care, being one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas. With a TripAdvisor rating of 4 there are some familiar reviews pointing towards poor, service, old and dated rooms, cleanliness and plumbing issues. One review claimed water was dripping from a bathroom one level above their room. The layout is also poor with some potential long walks necessary to get from the parking area to the rooms, or from some of the rooms to the casino. The parking area is somewhere you will not want to often frequent, particularly after dark.

Circus Circus:

A miserly 3.5 rating on TripAdvisor and several messages of disapproval to boot. The Circus Circus is certainly not lighting up Vegas. Even if you can manage a no-nonsense check in, you may find your eagerness to hit the Strip delayed by broken elevators. Once you manage to get to your room be prepared to be greeted with the smell of tobacco and waste. You can even find yourself cleaning up the leftovers from the previous guest. If you find yourself staying for multiple nights, don’t be surprised if you leave early. In the words of one former customer ‘only clowns stay there’.

Travelodge Las Vegas Strip:

More of a motel than a hotel, this little gem is very well located along the Vegas Strip. Upon arrival at this three-storey run down property you will find your entrance door and view looking directly over the parking lot, just in case you need a quick getaway. Albeit, a destination for budget travellers, TripAdvisor gives this destination a lowly three star-rating.

The direct access to the rooms can provide an element of uncertainty towards your personal safety, not only when leaving behind any valuables but when you try to sleep at night. In addition the rooms can be unclean, smelly and have plumbing issues.

The Strat (Stratosphere):

 Don’t jump, the Strat, formerly the known as The Stratosphere is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States at 1,149 ft and as such is an important part of the Las Vegas skyline. In addition, the ‘Elevate’ rooms have recently been refurbished. All this bodes well; however, the majority of the 2,427 rooms have not been recently renovated. 

If you have navigated your way past impolite staff, known for being unhelpful and trying to upsell, you may find your temperature rocketing when opening the door to your room. There is the potential to find stained walls and carpets that are worn, deteriorating furniture including the standard of the bed’s mattress, mould in the bathroom and a lack of towels. To top all this, paper thin walls will have your ears popping, if you are not already residing next to the frequented ice machine in the corridor.

Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino:

A location that has a lot to be desired may leave you feeling unsafe with a walk of 1.6km to reach the Strip. This 3-star TripAdvisor rated destination has a reputation for stained bed linen and a lack of cleanliness, while bugs, dead or alive, can leave you itching to leave early. In addition, you may be confronted with a lack of running hot water and faulty appliances.

Treasure Island:

A tired and dated resort, Treasure Island could probably do with an overhaul to refresh its image. Upon arrival check in times of up to 45 minutes have been recorded before guests are charged additional fees that may not be advertised with the booking fee. Further website promises may not be kept as you anticipate the booked room with a view over the Strip turns out to be a room with no view. A general lack of enthusiasm from staff can be reflected in unclean bathroom facilities, all of which may not be in working order. If it is working, be prepared to use the safe to store your valuables.

Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino:

Poorly located, The Westgate does not give the visitor easy accessibility to other casinos and limits the amount of food on offer in the immediate vicinity. A wait of up to 90 minutes to check in can be prolonged with out of order elevators. If not already at breaking point, chances are the room will not add to your cheer. A lack of cleanliness, stained walls, smelly furniture and damp in a poorly maintained bathroom. There have also been reports of sinus issues for long stay guests sighting unclean venting and surrounding mould. The casino also holds a lot to be desired with unclean machines and lack of service at the slots.

Siegel Slots and Suites:

A TripAdvisor star rating of an abominable 2 makes this dive one to watch out for. Situated 8 miles North East of the Strip it provides for a poor location where locals may leave you on edge with screeching car tyres and shouting at unearthly hours. Inside, it does not get any better, terrible beds, non-stop running water, and a TV that does not change channel. A night in jail may be more appealing.


It’s safe to say, before booking a hotel in Las Vegas it is essential to do your homework as there are some magnificent places to stay. Know your budget and research the facilities on offer. It can be worthwhile contacting the hotel beforehand to check all services are available and that there are no hidden charges.

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