What You Need To Know About Getting Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for being the spiritual home for gambling, with multiple casinos lined up on every block along the Las Vegas Strip. When people think about tying the bonds of holy matrimony, Sin City is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Despite the initial cynicism and doubt people may have about tying the knot in Las Vegas, weddings in the Silver City are actually more pragmatic than most might think, and they certainly do not lack romance.

There are stereotypes of Las Vegas weddings being last minute affairs in which drunk couples can turn up at the last second to be married in the Little White Chapel by Elvis impersonators. While the stereotype may be a great plot line for writers in Hollywood, the truth is that it does not work that way in real life.

Weddings in Las Vegas require all of the same paperwork and preplanning as weddings anywhere else in the world, with the exception that there are a huge number of venues and themes available.

Couples can choose to try and arrange faster weddings, and while they can be quicker to arrange, they are by no means a flippant, spontaneous decision as depicted in movies.

Licences and Paperwork

The first important step of any marriage is submitting all of the documentation and acquiring the appropriate licences that may be necessary. This is no different in Las Vegas, happy couples must apply and pick up their marriage licences from Clark County. The licences cost $60, and once they are obtained, the couple can then proceed with their plans. There are online application forms that can be filled by couples who are not based in Vegas, or are coming from abroad and want to obtain their licences in time to get married.

Once the applications are approved, couples can travel to a local Las Vegas courthouse where they have to sign the documents, and then they will be given the licences.


When it comes to picking a venue, there are many different packages in different venues to choose from. Depending on the budget, the theme of the wedding, how many people will attend and many other factors, the venue may be quite difficult to organise on the spot. Couples can definitely reserve a venue in advance and organise every aspect of the wedding right down to details such as will there be a master of ceremonies, do they want photos and films, should additional mementos of the day be scheduled, and so on. The most basic packages can cost a mere $75 which, when all things considered, is a very small amount to pay for a venue for a wedding.

Price Of the Venues

There are venues in Las Vegas, such as the Little Vegas Chapel that can offer wedding packages that start as low as $75. This may seem like a place to avoid for serious couples who might think that these weddings belong to the Hollywood stereotypical Vegas weddings, but they are not. These wedding packages are so cheap because the venue is small and efficient, allowing couples to get married without any of the props or large guest lists, but instead just marrying with the bare essentials. Of course here there is the option to have an Elvis wedding, where there is an Elvis impersonator who acts as the minister. These weddings are not strictly speaking traditional, but offer couples the chance to make their vows in a unique way. Many couples who opt for the Elvis wedding ceremonies or smaller ceremonies have wedding parties arranged in their home country or town.

The smaller weddings in Las Vegas may seem slightly corny at first but it is something that sticks in most people's heads and can make for a great story to tell children and grandchildren.

Whilst there are cheaper and quicker options, there are also venues in Las Vegas that offer the height of luxury and glamour. A lot of casino resorts and hotels on the Last Vegas Strip have event halls that can be booked for weddings. These weddings are completely the opposite of the modest White Chapel weddings, as they are in the heart of the Silver City and can be filled up with a large number of guests. These weddings can also be themed, with the possibility of decorating the whole venue with themed ornaments.

Casinos such as Bellagio or Wynn Las Vegas have rooms that can be booked and these will definitely be a memorable experience. There are many perks and complimentary offers that come with booking wedding venues in these two of the highest rated casino hotels in Las Vegas, but at $3,000 or more per person, not everyone can afford to book them.

Legality of Las Vegas Weddings

Citizens from the UK, Canada and Australia will all be able to marry in Las Vegas fully legally. After receiving approved licences, couples will be able to marry and return to their home countries legally as husband and wife, respective to the laws of their countries. Many couples choose to go to Vegas to get married but then return to their home countries to have the wedding party. This is a great idea for couples who want to have their own private romantic adventure on their special day, and then celebrate their wedding with friends once they return home.

There are also many already married couples who go to Las Vegas to renew their vows. In the United Kingdom, the Church of England refers to this service as a "Thanksgiving for marriage". It is not uncommon for long term couples to want to renew or reaffirm their wedding vows and Las Vegas is quite an exciting place to do it. For couples who wed in a church, the Las Vegas wedding may be an exciting alternative place to renew their vows and pledge their love to each other.

Are Las Vegas Wedding Religious?

When getting married in Las Vegas, there are no restrictions on religions weddings. Weddings in religious buildings may have certain regulations, but weddings in any other venue can be held under any religious customs. In general, Las Vegas wedding venues are highly accepting of weddings that are held in different religious traditions and of weddings that have unique themes. Couples can design their weddings right down to every small detail, and usually the venues in Vegas can provide those couples with their dream wedding.

Las Vegas has been criticised for its lack of morality by traditionalists who have accused the city of allowing couples to arrange non-traditional weddings, but this has not deterred the city. To this day, couples can arrange weddings in line with their own religious beliefs, and other couples are just as free to arrange their weddings in their own style no matter how much it deviates from traditional wedding ceremonies.

For a city that has battled to change its reputation from Sin City where people go to gamble, get drunk or get married overnight, it may come as a surprise for most people that Las Vegas is actually quite tolerant and laid back.

Can Las Vegas Offer Traditional Weddings?

Las Vegas offers many people the chance to have cheaper weddings, or thematic weddings that may not be appreciated in venues in other cities or countries, and it may also offer the Elvis weddings in which the minister who declares the couple husband and wife is just another Elvis Presley impersonator. This does not mean that couples who plan to have big, traditional weddings should write off Vegas.

Just as in any other city, Las Vegas has a number of shops and tailors that make wedding dresses and suits. Couples who hire out one of the larger events will be able to choose from options for catering, tailors, photographers or filmmakers, and event organisers as well as any other services they may need for their special day. The Vegas Strip is full of hotels and resorts that are far from being only casino oriented. A lot of resorts have their own spas and massage parlours, as well as pools, lounges for relaxing in and a variety of restaurants that provide some of the best quality food from the top chefs in the area.

Some couples may choose Las Vegas as the scene for their wedding because of the huge number of hotels and amenities that are available. As a resort city, Las Vegas does have a lot to offer besides casinos. There are many high class shows that are written and performed by the best production companies in the US. Aside from that, there are plenty of attractions for families as well as highly active clubs that build up the Las Vegas nightlife.

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